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Ingenious Perk is an email marketing solution designed to help small businesses grow. This service combines powerful automation with the ability to create highly personalized communications. It’s an all-in-one email marketing solution that allows you to get more customers, keep existing customers happy and focus on other aspects of your business.


Grow your audience and save hours in your day with automated 1-1 customer communications.

From automated drip campaigns to advanced segmentation, Ingenious Perk is your all-in-one email marketing solution. The Ingenious Perk’s email marketing service helps you grow your audience and save hours in your day with automated 1-1 customer communications. We use an artificial intelligence Email marketing tool to send customized emails to each contact in real-time, saving you time and providing great deliverability. Be more productive and efficient by automating your email marketing.


Our Email Marketing Process

Identify your Audience

Ingenious Perk helps you identify the right audience for your email campaigns. We build a list of audiences based on industry-specific keywords, prospects' titles, departments, locations, and so on.
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Step One

Create emails

We help you figure out which types of emails to send, think about a few factors: email content types, CTAs, goals, timing, location, and value. Ingenious is a perk for influencers and brands looking to create messages that resonate with their audience.
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Step Two

Goals Analysis

Our Perk Ingenious perk will help you figure out your email marketing goals and how you will measure your campaign’s success. It will also provide you with tips on how to optimize your campaign for revenue, and retention.
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Step Three

How to Create A

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We Serve Local, National & International Clients with Plans Personalized for Each Business. Hire Strategic Marketing Agency Specializing in Digital, Design, Branding, Social & More.

Generate more revenue with a suite of services specifically designed to meet your customer growth and success needs.

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